Tourist operator’s representative (any additional documents could be asked by the Embassy during visa process)., 12.7.2019

The following documentsshouldbe submitted for the visa category: Tourist operator’s representative(any additional documents maybe asked by the Embassy during visa process).

  • Contract (in original, pdf or fax copy) between Ukrainian tourist operator and it’s representative in Turkey.
  • Registration document issued by Association of Turkish Travel Agencies
  • Copy of the Labor book of the Applicant and note about present work for Ukrainian tourist operator and its translation into Turkish.
  • Copy of the License of Ukrainian tourist operator about work permission in the tourism business and stamp on it.
  • Contract (in original, pdf or fax copy) between Ukrainian tourist operator and Turkish tourist operator and documents proving the legal rights for people who had signed it.
  • Group “A” Certificate for Turkish Travel Agency.
  • Original and copy of the Tourism Diploma of the Applicant; OR: copy of Previouse visa of the Applicant in the case of previous work as Tourist operator’s representative; OR: Certificate from University and a copy of Student’s ID of the Applicant in the case of being a student.
  • 1 ed photo 5X5sm on the white background.
  • Confirmation of registration on our web site
  • Valid ordinary passport for travels + copies of used pages.
  • Domestic passport for Ukrainian citizens + copies of used pages.
  • Travel Medical Insurance valid till the end of your trip and its copy
  • Visa fee is 60 EUR and is paid in EUR during documents submission.
  • Go to make an appointment
  • Address: Kyiv, 22 Panasa Myrnogo Street, the nearest metro station is Pecherska


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